Gibraltar Tour Class Bass Drum Pedal (GTC6DD)

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Tour Class Single Bass Drum Pedal, Direct Drive
The Tour Class Single Pedal fuses stability, style, and fluid performance into a compact package. This rock solid pedal is crafted with a sleek, curved, G Class pillar style frame. Equipped with a single point beater adjustment for easy beater placement, and a patented spring rocker arm. The direct drive offers fluid performance when needed to articulate fast strokes very smoothly. The spring is silenced by a felt silencer to keep unwanted noise from being present during recording. Add and remove the pedal from the bass drum easily with Gibraltar’s side mount hoop clamp.

Crafted G Class curved pillar styled frame
Single point beater for easy adjustment
Patented spring rocker arm
Spring silencer removes unwanted noise created by the spring when being played
Direct Drive cam drive for fluid performance
Smooth, fast-touch G branded pedal board
Side mount hoop clamp for easy add and removal from bass drum hoop
Footboard length 13-1/2″