Meinl Cymbals Byzance Foundry Reserve Crash Cymbals

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The Byzance Foundry Reserve collection is a limited selection of cymbals created at our Byzance cymbal foundry in Turkey. Inspired from the time when all cymbals were handmade, these cymbals showcase the stunning, sonically rich works of art that our cymbalsmiths create with layers of tonality and nuance; however, that is only half of the beauty, as they are visually striking from the one-of-a-kind hand hammered marks.

Each Byzance Foundry Reserve comes with a pair of Meinl Stick & Brush Standard 5A Drumsticks, a pair of 100% cotton handling gloves, a signed certificate of authenticity, and a personal letter from Mr. Reinhold Meinl.

B20 Bronze Alloy
Hand hammered for a unique sound
Complex blend of sounds
Cymbal Type: Crash
Weight: Thin
Size: 20″

Music Style: Jazz, Fusion, Funk, R&B, Studio
Pitch: Low-Mid
Character: Complex, Dark
Timbre: Mid-Dark
Volume: Low
Lathe: Wide Blade
Sustain: Short

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